An Exhaustive Study of Psalms 23 Lesson 4

Reference Book: A Shepherd Looks At Psalms 23

W. Phillip Keller


Chapter 5

Start each Chapter with prayer; then read the Chapter twice before you attempt to answer the questions.

The Writer

  • David, who is a shepherd, the son of a shepherd, and later called the “Shepherd King”. But, in this Psalms, David is boasting of the benefits of a relationship with the Good Shepherd.

Study Questions

1. Describe a “cast sheep” both naturally and spiritually. Is your soul distressed and in need of restoration? If so, stop right now and give the Lord those deep hurts and sorrows. Ask the Lord if there is anything you have allowed into your life that is separating you from your God. Read Psalms 42.

2. What did it for the sheep when they had too much wool? What does that mean in the life of the Christian? List those things in your life that are weighing you down. Next, go down the list one by one and give them to Him.

3. What caused the sheep to have too much fat, and what did it do to the sheep? Have you become spiritually lazy? Take some time to examine your life, and write down all the things that God shows you should change.

  • What are your personal revelations from Chapter 5?

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